History About the Company


Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, The Greenwood Cure Company is a community-centered cannabis multifaceted business that aims to provide patients with a bespoke line of cannabis products and services. We are committed to understanding and treating our patients’ individual needs. We offer not only an extensive assortment of eco-friendly and triple-lab-tested cannabis products but assure professionalism. At Greenwood Cure, we are passionate about providing the finest in current education and information regarding cannabis for healthy high times. Our top priority remains to empower and educate our patients and help them gain control over their lives by finding healing and happiness with quality cannabis.


We Have A Great Plan For The Next Generation

Having served Tulsa for two consecutive years, we set our foot forward in the market and aim to go above and beyond to meet our customer’s needs and make The Greenwood Cure Company a welfare that reflects professionalism, knowledge, and quality products.

Our Mission and Vision

Greenwood Cure envisions future opportunities that focus on better personal health. We aim to use the platform as a market leader and educate those interested in knowing about the right cannabis culture.

Our Next Plan

At Greenwood Cure Company, we plan to help the community leaders and patients with continued education regarding quality cannabis products. While doing our best to assure individual and business success.


The Greenwood Cure Company is an Oklahoma-based Cannabis firm that provides patients and communities with an extensive range of THC-free products. From vaporizers to smokable flowers, edibles, and concentrated, you can rely on Greenwood Cure for the best quality cannabis. What differentiates us is our devotion to excellence and professionalism. We are dedicated to providing the greatest level of quality and customer satisfaction. But, most significantly, we strive for excellence in our customer interactions.

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