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Welcome To The Greenwood Cure

Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, The Greenwood Cure Company is a community-centered cannabis multifaceted business that aims to provide patients with a bespoke line of cannabis products and services. We are committed to understanding and treating our patients’ individual needs. We offer not only an extensive assortment of eco-friendly and triple-lab-tested cannabis products but assure professionalism. At Greenwood Cure, we are passionate about providing the finest in current education and information regarding cannabis for healthy high times. Our top priority remains to empower and educate our patients and help them gain control over their lives by finding healing and happiness with quality cannabis.


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The Greenwood Cure is determined to provide its users with quality cannabis products to assure relaxing, healthy, and clean high times.



Our strong belief in responsible farming and organic inputs helps us produce the highest quality eco-friendly products.

Easy to Use

We ensure to make products that are easy to use and consume for everyone.


Our procedure is solventless and THC-free with no toxic substances, making our cannabis products safe and promising.

Triple-Lab Tested

Greenwood Cure promises to triple-lab test every product before packing and dispatching it to the market.

Business Hours

Monday - Friday

11:00am – 07:00pm


10:00am – 07:00pm


12:00am – 06:00pm

Clients Testimonials


 “I’m already in love with their extensive collection. Their products are so simple to use, and the best part – they are THC-free. Recently tried their Cookie Stomper flower and had a great experience.” 

Lorena Watson


 “I started using their collection of vaporizers, and it was definitely a wonderful experience. Greenwood Cure made sure to equip me with the necessary details and knowledge of using it for a healthy high, and it worked wonders.”

Emma Brown